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Repealed Karma Banned Post Round
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46314455
Your In-Game Name: ParkRangerMon
Server you were banned from: TTT 1
When were you banned?: 1-10-18
Who you were banned by?: Console
Why were you banned?: Karma Ban
Why should you be unbanned?: Bomb defuse broke on Achievment Minecraft Something Whatever. I started killing people in the post-round, like youre supposed to do in the post-round, and it affected my karma. Badda-bing badda-ban. Thank you for your time.
I watched it and it looked very confusing. We all voted on the map and after people are killing each other. During that time he was Karma banned. The only RDM anyone knew about was on me.
I watched the entire thing, this karma ban was kinda bull. He needs the unban.
I agree, I joined right as it happened, and watched him get banned during map vote and not instantly after round, this needs to be looked into further.

Do I love being stuck in walls?
I fucking love walls. I want to marry a fucking Wall


I unbanned you cus it sounds like something fucked up and it thought the round was still active.
Fixed the error, although I probably should've been told about it without having to read a ban appeal to learn about it.
I unbanned you be careful next time
[Image: ENsXt.gif]

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